The MuanJadi Organization was created in 2009 by Sandra Bea, an alumni of the Ecole Conventionnée Catholique MuanJadi , with the hope of helping young D.R.C. girls receive a high school education.

As an alumna, I have seen my classmates get married off at the early age of 14, before they even have a chance to finish high school.  For many parents, marrying off their daughters constitutes a source of revenue in a country where people live with less than $1.00 USD a day with a GDP per Capita of $300 USD. (CIA 2009)


MuanJadi means “A Brave Woman” in Tshiluba, one of the languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.).

The MuanJadi Organization’s mission is to help young girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo  into becoming  “Brave Women” through education.

MuanJadi Organization is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

At Muanjadi Organization we are dedicated to educating young women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through fundraising and donations Muanjadi Organization provides tuition and supplies for girls in 7th-12th grade. Three years ago we began with 6 girls sponsored for a year of high school. There are 120 young women going to high school this year and four young women are now sponsored in college for the 2014-15 school year. This year our goals are to increase the number of sponsored high school students by at least 25 and to send 5 young ladies to local colleges. Muanjadi Organization is increasing the number of fundraising events this year as well. In addition we have put together a grant writing committee to establish the long-term continuation of our sponsorship programs.

Criteria for Sponsorship

Guidelines to gain sponsorship Priority is given to true orphans who could never receive an education without sponsorship Girls must be 7-12th grade (in the DR Congo 7th grade is the marriageable age unless a girl is in school) Students must write a letter to Muanjadi Organization about why they should recieve a sporsorship Students must maintain a B average When a girls does go to college she must teach at the school for 6 months while obtaining an Associates degree and for one year for a Bachelor's degree